The General editor for the Flora Malesiana is now Dr. H.P. Nooteboom (L), assisted by Drs. B.A Barlow (CANB), M.J.E. Coode (K), D.W. Kirkup (K), L.G. Saw (FRIM), P.F. Stevens (MO), and W.J.J.O. de Wilde (L). Caryophyllaceae by K. Larsen are finished for printing; Cunoniaceae by R.D. Hoogland & H.C.F. Hopkins are nearly done; Cycadaceae by Dr. D.J. de Laubenfels and Nepenthaceae by M. Cheek & M.H.P. Jebb are being reviewed. Myristicaceae by W.J.J.O de Wilde are now set in type for printing as Flora Malesiana I, 14, to be published early 2000. Sea-grasses, Potamogetonaceae (G. Wiegleb & C. den Hartog), Cymodoceaceae (Den Hartog), and Zosteraceae (Den Hartog) have finally been completed.