BEUSEKOM, C.F. VAN, et al. (Eds.). 1987. TROPENBOS, wise utilization of tropical rain forest lands. Tropenbos Scientific Series I, ISBN 90-5113-002-3, on request free from Tropenbos, Galvanistraat 9, 6716 AE Ede, The Netherlands. This book contains the full proceedings of the Netherlands MAB-UNESCO Symposium ‘Tropisch regenwoud – verantwoord gebruik?’ (‘Tropical rain forest – responsible utilization?’) held from 10-12 December 1984 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and forms part of the Dutch contribution to the MAB program. It contains chapters on: The need for tropical forests and their products; Land use in tropical rain forest areas; Tropical forest: the ecosystems; Spatial variability of tropical rain forests and forest lands; Suitability of tropical forests for relevant use, with two appendices: 1) Checklist of major and minor determinants of land utilization types, and 2) Land qualities for forestry; Forestry and agriculture: an alliance for survival. Added are case studies on Rondonia (Brazil); Forest land use in Surinam; Development versus conservation: avoiding a conflict in the Taï region (Ivory Coast); and Planning for rational use of tropical forest lands – the case of the Kali Konto upper watershed, Java, Indonesia, with appendix 3: Description of land utilization types Kali Konto project.