It is with the utmost regret that we announce the sudden and quite unexpected death of Dr. Marius Jacobs, editor of this Bulletin. See the obituary on page 3869. He was co-editor of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin for nr. 17 (1962) to nr. 22 (1968) and took full responsibility onwards of nr. 27 (1974). He showed great ability in enlarging its scope and we have many letters in our archives expressing appreciation and admiration for the lively and informative style in which he edited the Bulletin. I had to take over the editorial work for this number at short notice, but I was greatly helped by a number of Rijksherbarium colleagues, which help is gratefully acknowledged. In this way the delay has been kept to a minimum. It is, however, possible that some news items etc. have not been printed and that information submitted to Dr. Jacobs has not been entered due to this sudden change of editorship. I offer my apologies if this has happened and hope that (if still relevant) the news will again be forwarded to the new editor, Dr. J.F. Veldkamp, Rijksherbarium, who will take over starting next number.