Ashton, P.S.: A Manual of the Dipterocarp Trees of Brunei State and of Sarawak. Supplement. Borneo Literature Bureau, Rock Road, Kuching, Sarawak (Printed by Cathay Press, Hong Kong). 1968. viii + 129 pp., 15 fig., 20 pl. (photogr.), large 8°, clothbound. M$ 18.00 + postage M$ 1.30; bank charges of M$ 1.75 are required on foreign cheques. This ’Supplement’ records all Dipterocarpaceae from Sarawak, to the huge number of 247, 12 of which are yet undescribed by being insufficiently known. In the large Brunei Manual, published by the Oxford University Press (1964), 153 of these species had already been fully described; besides in that book very full evidence was given in many other aspects. This information is not repeated here. The Supplement provides keys (one botanical and one field key in all cases) to genera and all 247 species quoting all Sarawak collections, and providing for a full botanical description of all species not recorded in the Brunei book. It is therefore to be used together with the latter. A great asset as a precursor to the Malesian dipterocarps. The work is excellently printed on good paper.—v.St.