Balan Menon, P.K.: Taxonomic value of wood anatomy seen through Malayan woods. The Malayan Forester 24 (1961) 290- 301. Mr Menon, who is a wood technologist at the Forest Research Institute, Kepong, Malaya, presented this paper at the Hawaii Congress. In it, he gives a series of classifications of Malayan woods on the basis of anatomical features which can be seen by a hand-lens, he distinguishes 18 classes, notably woods with: ring-porous structure, exclusively solitary pores, multiple vessel-perforation, vestured (vessel) pits, scalariform intervessel pits, ripple marks, broad rays, uniseriate rays, septate fibres, distinctly bordered fibre pits, tanniferous tribes, latex tribes, horizontal canals, vertical canals, included phloem, mucilage or oil cells, silica inclusion, raphides.