The Belgian field station on Liang Island, Papua New Guinea, will be terminated for various reasons, among others security. An agreement on collaboration on Biodiversity has been signed between the University of Malaysia, Sabah and the University of Aarhus. Dr. F. Borchsenius, Curator of AAU, will be stationed at the University of Sabah for two years from 15 August 1997, as Chief Technical Advisor for the project ‘Human Impact & Biodiversity’ in Tabin Wildlife Park. Studying the biodiversity in different habitats of the Tabin Reserve and nearby Darvel Bay will have the highest priority. The project is sponsored by DANCED (Danish Cooperation on Environment and Development). Dr. A. Poulsen will in this period act as curator for AAU. He acquired experience in several parts of the tropics (Ecuador, Uganda, SE Asia). He also worked in Brunei.