Apocynaceae wanted — pickled. Mary E. Fallen, Systematische Botanik, Zollikerstrasse 107, CH-8008 Zürich, Switzerland, who has done considerable morphological work on development of the reproductive organs in Apocynaceae, has been frustrated in her many efforts to obtain suitable material of Lepinia and Lepiniopsis. Ample information on both can be found in Pacific Plant Areas 3, Blumea Suppl. 5 (1966) 112-113, with map and description. The very oddly shaped fruit of Lepinia (W. Pacific) has been depicted in Blumea 11 (1962) 302, Van Steenis’s paper on the Land Bridge Theory. The one of Lepiniopsis (E. Malesia) seems to be buoyant. Also material of Anechites (Central America) is needed; it may be closely related to Condylocarpon. Any stages of flowers can be used, from tiny green buds at initiation up through anthesis, as well as fruiting stages. They should be pickled in FAA. Expenses of handling and postage will gladly be refunded. Vials with the liquid can be provided. Thanks on her behalf!