The World Wildlife Fund (Kikori Catchment Developmental Project, Papua New Guinea) has commenced field surveys of the Orchidaceae in the Lake Kutabu and Mt Bosavi areas of Papua New Guinea. The main purpose of the survey is to get a more accurate assessment of the orchids in the region. In a previous survey based on data collected along transects within the region, the total orchid flora appeared to have been underestimated due to a lack of knowledge in the recognition and identification of these plants. A major component of the project therefore was to work jointly with two national botanists, L. Balun, Senior Lecturer, Bulolo University College, and O. Jebia, WWF Botanist, and train them to recognise and identify the orchids encountered in the field. The survey area is biologically rich with diverse tropical rain forest at 800-1400 m altitude on the Papuan fold belt geological region on the southern slopes of the Southern Highlands. Currently it is an area of major economic significance to Papua New Guinea containing major oil and natural gas fields. Much of the forest within the region is in a pristine state with minimal clearing and agriculture evident. The ease of access to various habitats within the region either by road, boat, or air, makes it an ideal situation to conduct research to assess biodiversity in this part of Papua New Guinea.