Flora and vegetation study of Suluan Island, Eastern Samar, Philippines — A group of botanists from the University of San Carlos Botany Research Group (USCBRG) and CEBU (Ms. E. Elumbaring, Dr. B. Heeger, Dr. F. Seidenschwarz, and Ms. S. Semblante) is studying the flora and vegetation of Suluan Island, Eastern Samar, Philippines. A species list, a description of vegetation types, and a report of the ecological conditions will be prepared. Analyses are focusing on the vegetation cover of the untouched karstic limestone hills. There is little human impact on this forest type but the high frequency of typhoons causes a mixed forest vegetation of old growth species and pioneer tree species. There is little information about Philippine forests on karstic limestone hills. The survey is sponsored by the German Development Service. Floral survey of the Kotkot and Lusaran watersheds in Cebu Island — A floral survey of the Kotkot and Lusaran watersheds in Cebu Island is carried out by the USC-Botany Research Group. The study includes a taxonomical survey and ethnobotanical studies. The objectives of the study are to document the existing floral situation and produce a comprehensive inventory (including people’s plant knowledge and plant use) for a master plan of the watersheds of Cebu. Meaningful are also the changes that have taken place over time. The increasing population growth causes a high pressure on native forest areas, which have shrunk to small patches of several hectares each. These small areas are the home of extremely rare and endangered species. The project is supported by the non-governmental umbrella-organization, the Cebu Uniting for Sustainable Water (CUSW), which is composed of a number of environmentalist-groups and other local civic groups.