This issue is dedicated to Ms. Emma Elizabeth (‘Emmy’) van Nieuwkoop who since 1957 has assisted Dr. C.G.G.J, van Steenis as Flora Malesiana secretary, and later so many of us as desk editor of the Rijksherbarium/Hortus Botanicus in making our efforts fit for publication. Until the coming of computers she manually typed out all the thousands of pages of the Flora Malesiana, the Flora Malesiana Bulletin, Blumea, and many other publications of our staff and institute. After we started working on PCs, she has formatted incoming files in the lay-out of the diverse publications, which probably is as time-consuming as typing them out in the first place. Next year she will retire, and we can only hope that she will stay on for a while, like so many other retired colleagues, for what are we to do without her? — JFV