Survey of the flora of Bikini and other atolls before the atomic-bomb tests were made. The phytoplancton is excluded from the present carefully written and extensive analysis, which is most instructive to every student of tropical coral island floras. A general introduction furnishes an excellent view on Phanerogamic vegetation and land flora, the physical conditions of the islands, and the part played by different lements in coral building. The major part of the book is occupied by descriptions of the plants collected; marine Algae, of course, predominate. Several new spp. have been described e.g. in Halimeda, Rhipilia, Caulerpa, Pocockiella, Acrochaetium, Porolithion, Botryodiplodia and Fungi, etc. Latin diagnoses of new forms and species and a bibliography are given at the end. The book is exemplary illustrated and well-executed.