A short account of the establishment of the Herbarium of the Department of Forests, Papua and New Guinea appeared on p. 61, no 3, volume I of Flora Malesiana Bulletin. This Herbarium has now been firmly established and is constantly receiving collections of plants from various parts of Papua and New Guinea. As a routine measure these are being distributed to the following herbaria: The Queensland State Herbarium at Brisbane, Queensland; The Herbarium of the Division of Plant Industry, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Canberra; The Arnold Arboretum, America; The Herbarium at Kew, England; The Herbarium at Leiden, Holland; The Herbarium at Bogor, Indonesia; The Herbarium at Singapore, Malay States; The Herbarium of the Imperial Forestry Institute, Oxford, England. Duplicates of Coniferae are also sent to M.Y. Orr at Edinburgh, Scotland and to E. Stirling Booth at Adelaide, South Australia.