In the following the abbreviation B.Z. means ’Binnenlandsche Zaken’ or ’Ministry for the Interior’; all records referred to are preserved in the National Archives (’Rijksarchief’) at The Hague. By Royal Decree of Febr. 10, 1839, no. 101 (cf. B.Z., 5th Div., Febr. 18th, 1839, no 132) it was decided to publish a printed work at the expense of the Government. The issue was to consist of 250 copies and each of the planned 3 volumes were to contain c. 400 pp., 60 (coloured) plates and quarterly instalments were to be published. The costs were to be deducted from the funds granted to the ’Natuurkundige Commissie’ (Board for the Naturel Sciences) who had explored in the Dutch East Indies since the withdrawal of the English (1816). The work should embody the scientific results of the ’Commissie.’