Akademi Biologi, Bogor. The Indonesian Government is anxious to develop training in biology; the failure of the University of Bandung Faculty to achieve this (due to shortage in staff personnel) has necessitated making temporary use of the personnel of the Kebun Raya Indonesia towards this goal. With freedom of choice and with an extra-allowance, a number of staff members of K.R.I, has agreed to give each a few lectures at the Akademi Biologi, Bogor. The course is intended to last 3 years, when a degree can be obtained which is in standing assumed to be slightly under a bachelor’s degree. Personnel thus raised will be partly required for the Gardens, partly for teaching purposes in secondary schools; each year a few excellent students will be selected to go abroad for special training in scientific botany or zoology. Out of 300 candidates 30 have been selected. They are accomodated temporarily in the buildings of Tjibodas mountain gardens where lessons are given. Oct. 10, 1955, the Akademi Biologi was officially installed by H.E. the Vice-President Dr Moh. Hatta, and the Minister of Agriculture H.E. Moh. Sardjan. Buitenzorg Fund. Dr H.P. Bottelier, Utrecht University, who had been awarded the grant of the Netherlands Buitenzorg Fund for 1954 has, on the invitation of the Indonesian Government, prolonged his half year’s stay and has acted as Professor of Botany in the Faculty of Agriculture at Bogor for an additional year; he returned to Holland Jan. 1956.