Dr. B.C. Tan at the National University of Singapore (SINU) is looking for good and enthusiastic graduate students, especially from ASEAN countries, to study bryophyte systematics for either a MSc or a PhD degree. SINU has good laboratory and library facilities for both classical and modern systematic methods of systematic studies. The University offers also scholarships to accepted graduate students. In addition, the student will have access to the bryophyte collections at the herbarium of Singapore Botanic Gardens (SING). Interested applicants must have a BSc degree with high academic performance and satisfactory scores of recent GRE and English Proficiency examinations. Applications should be submitted six months ahead of the time of expected start of graduate work, preferably before January and July of the academic year, and mailed to Dr. B.C. Tan, School of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore 119260; e-mail: sbsbct@nus.edu.sg, attention: Dr. B.C. Tan. We have been asked to include the following communication. It does not mean that the Editors of the Flora Malesiana Bulletin endorse this proposal.