From the new (quarto 2-column) journal ”Bulletin of the Botanical Survey of India”, initiated to supplement the ’Records’ and ’Annual Reports’ and to e cited as Bull. Bot. Surv. India, we are now informed about the shape of the studies of the Indian flora, since the reorganisation in 1954-55. Three numbers have been received: vol. 1 no 1, Inauguration Number, dated October 1959: 149 pp.; vol. 2 nos 1-2, dated 1960; 273 pp.; vol. 3 no 1, dated 1961 and published on April 1, 1962; 104 pp. All these were received in August 1962. It is not clear why they came so late. The contents are certainly worthwhile and it seems that there is a great deal of progress to be observed, the Botanical Survey of India obviously being well on the way to become a most important instrument for the preparation of the future flora of India. An astonishing number of botanists is now attached to it, pure systematists as well as botanists, of affiliated branches of botany. Most of the news to follow has been derived from the introduction in the Inauguration Number on the past, present and future of the Botanical Survey of India, by Dr. J.C. Sen Gupta, and further news from a scanning of the pages of the 3 volumes published till now.