Centenary of the Kew Herbarium and Library. If we are well informed the centenary of the Herbarium” and Library of the famous Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, occurs in 1953 and will be informally celebrated by an Exhibition in the Herbarium on the 8th and 9th of May, 1953, which will, we assume, be attended by many of the countless friends of this Mekka of Botany and in honour of the unsurpassed service which it renders to botanists all over the world. Indonesian timbers. A sample proof sheet was received of a book to be issued by the Indonesian Forest Research Station at Bogor. This will comprise a botanical treatment of about 400 of the most important timbers of Indonesia. Each species is to occupy 4 pages, viz a full page drawing, and one page for the text in 3 languages: Indonesian, Dutch, and English. Each description consists of the name and synonyms, preferent vernacular name, other vernacular names, geographical distribution, habitat circumscription, habit description, technical-botanical description, and notes. No mention is made of the anatomical characters of the wood; these will be published in a separate book which is prepared simultaneously. The book will probably be finished in 1956.