From various sources the editor of this Bulletin has received ample information on the proceedings of botanical research and publication relating to the Malaysian flora. He will be grateful for any notes and references on work in progress. He specially asks co-operation in the completion of the ”Iconotheca” of Malaysian plant collectors and phytographers, of which he invites directors and librarians to take part. It is astonishing that he did not succeed in acquiring any picture of some very Important botanists and collectors, such as Th. Horsfield. William Jack, H. Kunstler, C. Boden Kloss. A.D.E. Elmer, H.O. Forbes, Ch. Gaadichaud, J.D. Haviland, James Motley, L.Th. Leschenault, E.W. Hullett, etc. etc. (cf. page 46). Through the care of Dr. Fr. Verdoorn a limited number of binders were made and distributed to libraries and co-operators to keep the several numbers of this Bulletin, until they are ready to be bound. The editor expects they will be found useful.