In October 1981, the Sijthoff-Noordhoff firm which published the Flora Malesiana was taken over by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Box 566, The Hague, The Netherlands*. Publication is continued in the same form, but the transition caused some delay in the schedule. Flora Malesiana Series ii (Pteridophyta) Volume 1 Part 5 thus was issued on 1 March 1982. The posted price is Dfl. 170 abroad (in the Netherlands, Value Added Tax is to be paid). This price includes the binding of this volume, which is now completed. This Part 5, containing pages (1)—(20) and 331-599, gives the Dedication and the revision of the Thelypteridaceae, both by R.E. Holttum. The Dedication, p. (6)-(20), incl. portr., is to Carl Christensen. Rather than biographical — many such references give F.A. Stafleu & R.S. Cowan, Taxonomic Literature, 2nd ed. (1976) 501 — it is a history of pteridology in a nutshell, with notes on strengths and weaknesses of various authors, exemplified in Gleicheniaceae, Grammitidaceae, Lomariopsis/ Stenochlaena, and Pleocnemia. ”We now have reached the stage at which most Malesian species can be allocated to definite natural groups which may have generic rank; most genera can also be associated in groups which appear to be natural; but it is often not yet clear how groups of genera are inter-related.” The Thelypteridaceae itself was one of the most difficult groups the author could chose. It here contains 440 species in 22 genera, with many new taxa and transfers, particularly from Dryopteris, a key genus to which Christensen devoted a monumental study. All Old World genera are treated Haplodictyum is sunk into Pronephrium). The publication of this Part brings the score for Series ii to: