This widespread family of over 2,000 species has only 77 species in Malesia of which 64 are indigenous, the remainder having been introduced for economical or ornamental use or as weeds. In Malesia 12 genera are represented, as follows: Borago (1 sp., cult.), Bothriospermum (1, intr.), Carmona (1, also cult.), Coldenia (1), Cordia (6 indig., 3 intr.), Cynoglossum (12 indig., 1 cult.), Ehretia (12), Heliotropium (6 indig., 5 intr.), Myosotis (1 indig., 1 intr.), Omphalodes (1, intr.), Rotula (1), Tournefortia (7), Trichodesma (2), Trigonotis (15). One dubious genus (Crucicaryum) is mentioned and one genus of uncertain affinities (Pteleocarpa) is treated fully. The general part of the treatment covers 19 pages and includes paragraphs on vegetative anatomy by P. Baas, on palynology by R.W.J.M. van der Ham, and on phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy by R. Hegnauer. The family, genera, and Malesian species are described and annotated. There are keys to the genera and species. Illustration is by 14 line drawings, some of them full-page, and 4 photographs.