Annual (?)laticiferous herbs, with the habit of Phytolacca. Stem erect, somewhat succulent. Leaves spirally arranged, simple, entire, exstipulate. Inflorescences terminal, densely spicate, acropetal. Flowers subtended by a bract and two bracteoles, bisexual, actinomorphic. Calyx tube adnate to the ovary; segments 5, united below, imbricate, connivent, persistent. Corolla campanulate-urceolate, perigynous; lobes 5, imbricate. Stamens 5, epipetalous, alternating with the corolla lobes; filaments short; anthers rounded, 2-locular, dehiscing longitudinally. Ovary semi-inferior, 2-locular; style short, stigma capitate; ovules attached to large spongy stipitate axile placentas. Capsule cuneate-obconic, 2-locular, membranous, circumscissile; seeds ~, minute, oblong, rugose-costate, albumen very scanty or none (?); embryo axile, straight, subterete. Distr. Mono-generic, almost pantropical.