This family, nowadays usually separated from the Loranthaceae, has far fewer species in Malesia, viz. 26, divided over 4 genera: Ginalloa (6 species), Korthalsella (5), Notothixos (6), and Viscum (9). The general part of the treatment covers 9 pages and includes paragraphs on vegetative anatomy by P. Baas and L. van den Oever, and on pollen morphology by R.W.J.M. van der Ham. For phytochemistry the reader is referred to the pertinent paragraph under Loranthaceae, where both families are considered. The family, the genera and the Malesian species are described and annotated. There are keys to the genera and to the species. A key to Loranthaceae and Viscaceae, covering all Malesian taxa, is also included. Illustration is by six line drawings, mostly smaller than full-page, and by 7 photographs. The drawings are mostly redrawn from earlier publications.