The completion of the seventh volume of this Flora gives me the occasion to dedicate this volume to HERMAN JOHANNES LAM, who from the beginning was intimately connected with the taxonomical study of the flora of the Malesian region, adopted the working team, provided for it a permanent niche in his institute, and finally played an important role when the perpetuating of its existence was threatened in 1958. HERMAN LAM was born in Veendam, January 3rd, 1892. His father was an organic chemist and taught chemistry at Veendam. There was a possibility that he would be attached to the University at Groningen, but he accepted a new post in Rotterdam, in 1893, to set up the first municipal food-inspection department in Holland; this stood model for such inspections annex laboratories in other places. He also had a major share in the realisation of the Dutch ‘Codex alimentarius'.