A widespread family of about 85 genera and 2,200 species. More than half of the species belong to one of six large genera, all represented in Malesia. In total sixteen genera are represented in the Flora Malesiana region, e.g., Arenaria (1 species), Cerastium (4), Dianthus (5, all cult.), Drymaria (1 indigenous, 1 cult.), Gypsophila (2, cult.), Lychnis (2, cult.), Myosoton (1, introduced), Polycarpaea (4), Polycarpon (1, probably introduced), Sagina (7), Saponaria (1, cult..), Scleranthus (1), Silene (6, all cult.), Spergula (1, introduced), Stellaria (6, of which at least 2 introduced), Vaccaria (1, introduced). The general part of the treatment covers over 8 pages and includes a paragraph on pollen morphology by R.W.J.M. van der Ham (Leiden). Family, genera, and species are described and annotated. Keys to the genera and species are given.