Trees. Leaves opposite, biseriate, exstipulate, simple, entire, coriaceous. Flowers ♀, either 1-3 together at the summits of the branchlets or in terminal corymbs, pedicelled, rather large, actinomorphic. Calyx thickly coriaceous, persistent, gamosepalous; segments 4-8, valvate in bud, acute, often coloured inside; tube of fruiting calyx flat or not. Petals either absent or as many as calyx-segments; in the latter case either broad and wrinkled or very narrow and smooth, alternating with the sepals. Stamens mostly many, sometimes 12, inserted on the calyx, often manyseriate, inflexed in bud; filaments filiform-subulate; anthers medifixed, reniform or oblong, 2-celled; cells opening lengthwise. Ovary superior, sessile with a broad base, during anthesis enclosed by the calyx-base, 4—~-celled; septa thin; ovules numerous on thick, axile placentas. Style 1, long, robust; stigma 1, capitate, entire or slightly lobed. Fruit resting on the calyx-tube, either an indehiscent berry or a valvate capsule, many-seeded. Seeds small, exalbuminous. Distr. Two small genera, one extending from tropical East Africa and adjacent islands to Queensland, Micronesia and Melanesia, the other confined to SE. Asia and Malaysia.