Evergreen, glabrous trees or shrubs, without resin-tubes. Leaves spread, simple, entire, more or less crowded towards the ends of the shoots, shining, exstipulate; midrib sulcate; shoots with perular terminal buds. Branches often in pseudowhorls. Inflorescences terminal, sometimes lateral, generally not exceeding the leaves. Flowers on the ultimate axis in fascicles of 3, towards the end solitary, pedicellate, bracteate. Calyx deeply 5-lobed, fleshy, persistent, petaloid, lobes inequal, concave, imbricate, 2 outermost smallest. Petals 5, thinner than the sepals, inserted at the margin of the disk-like receptacle. Stamens 5, attached to the base of the petals; filaments flattened or terete, slightly thickened towards the base; anthers dorsifixed, dehiscing lengthwise, intrors. Staminodes petaloid, dentate in the upper half, top mostly pointed, alternating with the petals. Disk glands 5, ovoid to ellipsoid, epistaminodial. Ovary ovoid, originally 2-celled, one cell soon abortive. Styles 1-2; stigma punctiform. Ovule 1, pendulous, anatropous. Fruit drupaceous, or a nut, with fibrous endocarp. Testa membranous; cotyledons planoconvex; albumen absent. Distr. Four spp., one each in New Zealand and adjacent islands, N. Caledonia, the New Hebrides, and N. Queensland & E. Malaysia.