Of this predominantly tropical family 23 genera and nearly 200 species occur in the Malesian region, as follows: Amyema (59 species), Amylotheca (3), Barathranthus (2), Cecarria (1), Cyne (6), Dactyliophora (2), Decaisnina (21), Dendrophthoe (21), Distrianthes (1), Elytranthe (2), Helixanthera (11), Lampas (1), Lepeostegeres (9), Lepidaria (8), Loranthus (1), Macrosolen (24), Papuanthes (1), Scurrula (8), Sogerianthe (4), Taxillus (1), Thaumasianthes (1), and Trithecanthera (5). The general part of the treatment consists of 20 pages and includes paragraphs on vegetative anatomy by P. Baas and L. van den Oever, and on pollen morphology by R.W.J.M. van der Ham. Phytochemistry and chemotaxonomy is treated for this family and Viscaceae together, see also next entry. The family, the genera, and the Malesian species are described and annotated; for complete synonymy the reader is often referred to earlier publications by Danser or Barlow. There are keys to the genera and to the species; in the largest genus Amyema there are also some regional keys to the species. A key to Loranthaceae and Viscaceae, covering all Malesian taxa, is also included. Illustration is by 32 line drawings, several full-page but often smaller, and by 15 photographs. The drawings are mostly redrawn from earlier publications.