As was done in the preceding volumes, it seemed useful to correct some errors which have crept into the text of volumes 4, 5 & 6 as well as to add some additional data, new records, and new species or other taxa which came to our knowledge and are worth recording. Additions of the Amaranthaceae I owe to Dr. R. C. BAKHUIZEN VAN DEN BRINK f. and Mr. J. F. VELDKAMP, of the Alismataceae and Hydrocharitaceae to Dr. C. DEN HARTOG, of the Celastraceae and Thymelaeaceae p.p. to Dr. DING HOU, of the Malpighiaceae to Dr. M. JACOBS, of the Burseraceae p.p. to Dr. C. KALKMAN, of the Caprifoliaceae to Dr. J. H. KERN, of the Burseraceae p.p., Connaraceae, Dichapetalaceae, Goodeniaceae and Loganiaceae to Dr. P. W. LEENHOUTS, of the Gnetaceae to Dr. F. MARKGRAF, of the Simaroubaceae to Mr. H. P. NOOTEBOOM, of the Convolvulaceae to Dr. S. J. VAN OOSTSTROOM, of the Thymelaeaceae p.p. to Mr. H. K. AIRY SHAW, of the Ericaceae and Flacourtiaceae to Dr. H. SLEUMER.