Newly discovered mycorrhizal relationships of boletes (with Nothofagus, Shorea, Quercus humboldtii, Alnus jorullenses, Eucalyptus, and Leptospermum) are discussed. Type studies on Fistulinella, Boletus granulatus var. capricollensis, Boletogaster, and Gastroboletus are reported. The following new combinations are proposed: subsections Pictini and Spectabiles in sect. Solidipes of Suillus; Suillus ochraceoroseus; Chalciporus piperatus, C. rubinus, C. rubinellus, and the new section Eximia of Leccinum, with L. eximium (Peck) Sing. The interpretation of Porphyrellus pseudoscaber on the basis of topotypical material is indicated.