This book is dedicated to the world-known specialist in marine mycology, E. B. Gareth Jones on the occasion of his 65th birthday, for his substantial contribution to marine mycology. It contains 22 contributions by a multitude of authors, grouped around the central theme of Fungi in marine environments. The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 (organisms), contains contributions on fungal species: taxonomy, based on morphology as well as molecular characters, treating groups like the Oomycete genus Halophytophtora, and ascomycete groups like de Halosphaeriales, Loculoascomycetes, Lophiostoma and Massarina, as well as marine yeasts, and a contribution on anamorphteleomorph connections in marine ascomycetes. Part 2 is devoted to ecology, mainly to mangrove habitats and sea-grass communities, which harbour lots of marine fungi. Also the subject of endangered mangrove habitat is treated. Finally, Part 3 of the book deals with applied aspects of marine fungi, with contributions on secondary metabolites from marine fungi, bioremediation of coloured pollutants by terrestrial versus facultative marine fungi, fatty acids in Thraustochytrids, as well as molecular cloning of the isopenicillin synthase gene in the marine fungus Kallichroma tethys.