During our study on the agaric family Pluteaceae of Kerala State, India, several interesting collections belonging to the genus Pluteus were made. Subsequently, a preliminary account of the genus Pluteus sect. Pluteus was published (Pradeep et al., 2002). Further study on the genus revealed two more interesting species belonging to the section Celluloderma subsect. Mixtini, which are described, illustrated and discussed. The descriptions are based on fresh collections made by the authors. Microscopic characters were studied from freehand sections mounted in 3% KOH stained with 1% Congo Red. Drawings of microscopic structures were made with a mirror type camera lucida attached to a Leitz Laborlux compound microscope. Colour codes given in quotation marks and colour codes given in the description refer to Kornerup & Wanscher (1967). All collections cited are deposited in the herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K).