In the second and last part of this paper the genus Pseudobaeospora is redefined, its taxonomic position is discussed, and the possibilities of a formal infrageneric classification are considered. Because of the recent discovery of another new species, viz. P. mutabilis Adamčík & Bas, emendations of the key published in the first part of this paper (Bas, 2002), are proposed. Descriptions and drawings of all European taxa known are presented. Extralimital species are discussed and compared with European species. With the rapid increase in the number of species of the genus Pseudobaeospora in Europe from one or two ‘classical’ ones before 1995 to 14 to 16 species at present, also the morphological diversity of the genus has increased considerably. Therefore a new circumscription of the genus has become necessary, herewith emending the two most recent ones by Singer (1986) and Bas (1995).