Critical notes on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the Dutch Macrolepiota species with ring with double crown are given. Macrolepiota bohemica (Wichanský) Krieglst. & Pázmány is regarded as a synonym of M. rachodes (Vitt.) Sing. The new combination M. rachodes f. olivieri (Barla) de Kok is made. Macrolepiota mastoidea (Fr.: Fr.) Sing., M. gracilenta (Fr.) Mos. and M. rickenii (Velen.) Bellù & Lanzoni are synonymized. Macrolepiota permixta (Barla) Mos. is considered merely a variant of M. procera (Scop.: Fr.) Sing.; notes on the nomenclature of M. nympharum (Kalchbr.) Wasser are presented. Agaricus emplastrum Cooke & Mass. and A. tepidarius Weinm. are regarded as nomina dubia.