A new systematic arrangement of the Basidiomycetes is presented. The first fifty pages are devoted to special characters found in Basidiomycetes, and to a discussion of previous classifications. The major part of the book (c. 300 pp.) gives descriptions of the recognized orders and families as well as illustrations of important characters (53 pp, both line drawings and SEM fotos). The division Basidiomycota is divided into two classes, the Heterobasidiomycetes and the Homobasidiomycetes. Within the Homobasidiomycetes a large number of orders and families has been recognized, while the taxonomic entities ‘Gastromycetes’ and ‘Aphyllophorales’ are no longer maintained. In a phylogenetic scheme the supposed relationships of the orders are indicated. The Auriculariales and Cantharellales represent, according to the author, the most primitive orders of the Hetero- and Homobasidiomycetes respectively.