Five species of Ganoderma Karsten are discussed, which are confined to the tropics and characterized by the presence of a light-colored context, but which are devoid of the laccate upper surface of the pileus typical of the species of the Ganoderma lucidum-group. Ganoderma neurosporum J. Furtado is proposed as a new species. Three of the five species—Ganoderma amazonense Weir, G. coffeatum (Berk.) J. Furtado, comb, nov., and G. neurosporum J. Furtado—are from the neotropics. Ganoderma lloydii Pat. & Flar. is known only from Africa, and G. asperulatum (Murrill) Bres. has been reported only from the Philippines and Borneo. Regardless of their geographical distribution, the five species under discussion are distinguished particularly by their basidiospore characteristics. In their morphological features they show several characteristics also found in some trocial species of Amauroderma Murrill.