For the most part the species or specific names discussed belong to the genus Polyporus sensu stricto; a few of them belong to Albatrellus S. F. Gray and Coltricia S. F. Gray. It appears not only that the taxonomy of many species is far from settled but also that quite a number of protologues have never been scrutinized with care. Here an attempt is made to emend the names of a number of species. Further studies are needed before some of these species can be definitively delimitated and their nomenclature determined. Polyporus agariceus (König) ex Berk. sensu Bourd. & G. is called P. anisoporus Mont.; P. picipes Fr., P. badius (Pers.) ex S. F. Gray; P. lentus Berk, and allied forms are referred to P. floccipes Rostk., &c. A recapitulation at the end of the paper briefly reviews many of the conclusions.