1. The cryosestonic organism, Gyoerffyella tatrica Kol 1928, described as a green alga, shows very close morphological conformity with the conidia of fungi published under the names Titaea rotula von Höhnel 1904 and Ingoldia craginiformis Petersen 1962, so that the classification of these species in two unrelated groups is untenable. On the basis of a detailed analysis, we consider that they belong to the same genus of Hyphomycetes, the correct name of which is Gyoerffyella Kol 1928. 2. The data which we had at our disposal have not produced any reliable feature which would enable us to keep Titaea rotula and Gyoerffyella tatrica as two independent species. We therefore consider both names to be taxonomic synonyms, with the correct name for this species being Gyoerffyella rotula (Höhn.) Marvanová. 3. Ingoldia craginiformis R. H. Peters, differs a little from the above two species, both morphologically and ecologically. We could not justify its identity with G. rotula, but do not exclude this possibility in the future. Its specific epithet has been recombined with Gyoerffyella as G. craginiformis (R. H. Peters.) Marvanová. 4. Two species of Ingoldia have been transferred to Gyoerffyella as G. tricapillata (Ingold) Marvanová and G. entomobryoides (Boerema & Arx) Marvanová. 5. Gyoerffyella spec., found in the High Tatras is closely related to G. rotula and G. craginiformis. We refrain from naming it, as we have seen neither the conidiophores nor the mycelium. Our description and illustrations therefore deal only with the conidia.