During a long-term mycological investigation of Juniperus communities in north-western Europe by the first author, a small Entoloma species was found, which did not seem to fit with one of the known species of Entoloma with a brownish pileus and bluish stipe, because of the small, almost isodiametrical spores and clamped basidia. The only species which seemed to be related was Entoloma lampropus in the sense of Kühner & Romagnesi (1953). That species however, turned out to be clearly different in a number of characters such as size and shape of spores and structure and pigmentation of the pileipellis (see Noordeloos, 1982). Therefore the collections of this apparently new species were examined by the second author in the course of a critical revision of Entoloma subgen. Leptonia in Europe. He also came to the conclusion that this nice small Entoloma from Juniperus heaths had not been described before, and therefore it is described here as new.