In this extensive publication the taxa described in Phyllosticta are enumerated, based on literature and herbarium species, type-specimens and living isolates. It is the result of the studies made by the first author during most of his long career at the CBS in Utrecht (formerly Baarn), but the project was originally initiated by the late Dr. J. A. von Arx. The annotated list of accepted species in Phyllosticta, including several new combinations in Phyllosticta, and the much longer annotated list of species which have been redisposed and transferred to other genera are impressive. The book offers a short introduction to the genus Phyllosticta and its current taxonomic position among the amerosporous Coelomycetes. A key is given to some of these genera which are important for clarifying this, followed by an overview of the genera concerned with nomenclatural notes and descriptions of their principal characters. After two chapters dealing with methods and material, the main part of the book is devoted to an enumeration of species accepted in Phyllosticta (34 pp.) and species excluded from the genus (Pp. 441 pp.!). A full list of references concludes the book. The authors are to be complimented with this publication which has involved a huge amount of work. It will certainly serve the mycological community with a tremendous source of information for generations to come.