Cladobotryum Nees ex Steud. is redefined and two new species are added to this genus. The uredinicolous genus Colletoconis gen. nov. is segregated from Gloeosporium Desm. & Mont, to accommodate G. aecidiophilum Speg. Engyodontium gen. nov. is erected for Rhinotrichum parvisporum Petch and a similar fungus. The monotypic genus Helminthophora Bon. is redescribed. Sympodiophora G. Arnold is combined with the earlier described genus Pseudohansfordia G. Arnold; eight new combinations are proposed. One new species is added to Denticularia Deighton and two to Sporothrix Hektoen & Perkins; in addition, two new combinations are proposed in the latter genus. A list of doubtful and excluded species formerly classified in the treated genera is given.