The present paper gives descriptions and notes on various white-spored agarics. Two species are new to science, viz.: Marasmius cornelii and Marasmiellus ornatissimus. Micromphale bisporigera is provisionally described as new. The following new combinations are made: Marasmius setosus (Sow.) Noordel. to replace M. recubans Quél., and M. bulliardii forma acicola (Lundell) Noordel. to replace M. wettsteinii sensu auct. eur. Hohenbuehelia culmicola is described as new to the mycoflora of the Netherlands. Type-studies are made of Marasmius pruinatus Rea and M. suaveolens Rea. A key is given to the European species of Marasmius sect. Gloiocephala and sect. Epiphylli. Some critical species, viz. Marasmius saccharinus, M. siccus, M. anomalus, M. buxi, M. hudsonii, Marasmiellus tricolor, and Marasmiellus rosellus, are fully described and illustrated.