The Mycena specialist Robich, known from many publications, created his magnum opus with the present book, which, according to the title, covers all species known from Europe. Although many of his observations are based on southern European collections, his studies extended to other parts of Europe as well, and an attempt has been made to study the available type collections. His intensive contacts with the late Dr. R. A. Maas Geesteranus are reflected in the overall infrageneric taxonomy and species concepts. A comparison with Maas Geesteranus’ Conspectus of Northern Hemispheric Mycena is therefore unavoidable. Robich book has a practical approach, with keys to the sections, and within sections to the species, both in Italian and English, which greatly improves the use of the book outside Italy. The descriptions are all in the same format, and include a nomenclator with the valid name, basionym and synonyms, with literature references, and the original diagnosis with a translation in Italian. A rather complete iconography facilitates comparison with literature. The descriptions are elaborate, listing macroscopical characters and habitat, followed by the microscopic characters. Observations, when necessary, complete the species description, followed by a list of examined specimens. As such, Robich book forms a perfect supplement to that of Maas Geesteranus cited above. For detailed information on nomenclature, types and history the latter publication has of course more to offer. The great value of the present book, apart from its accurate and elaborate text, is the iconography. All species are illustrated with line-drawings of excellent quality, supplemented with at least one coloured photo in situ, and often also with one or more photographs of microscopical structures. Also for those who do not master the Italian language, this book is of great use. Students in Mycena are therefore greatly advised to purchase this very valuable publication.