Various old records of Phoma lingam (teleomorph Leptosphaeria maculans) on non-cruciferous plants proved to be based on misidentifications. In the past the fungus has also often been confused with other fungi occurring on crucifers. Forty-five species formerly classified under the generic synonyms Plenodomus, Diploptenodomus, Leptophoma and Deuterophoma were excluded from Phoma sect. Plenodomus, seventeen of them being non-scleroplectenchymatous species of Phoma. Asteromella cocogena, Asteromella pomi and Phoma versabilis are described as new species and twelve new combinations are proposed: Ascochyta aggregata (Höhnel), Cytosporella cenangium (Corda), Fusicoccum hoveniae (Gucevicz), Phacidiella hiemalis (Desm.), Phoma cruenta (Sydow), Phoma filarszkyana (Moesz), Phoma haematites (Petrak), Phoma syriaca (Petrak), Phomopsis allescheriana (P. Henn.), Phomopsis destruens (Harter), Pleurophoma cava (Schulzer) and Pyrenochaeta corni (Batista & Vital).

Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi

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Boerema, G. H., Loerakker, W. M., & Hamers, M. E. C. (1996). Contributions towards a monograph of Phoma (Coelomycetes) — III. 2. Misapplications of the type species name and the generic synonyms of section Plenodomus (Excluded species). Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi, 16(2), 141–189.