After a study of type specimens of the Corticiaceae two species have to be transferred to other genera: i) Athelia teutoburgensis (Brinkm.) Jülich, comb. nov. (basionym: Corticium teutoburgense Brinkm.), which replaced Corticium flavescens Bres., and ii) Ceraceomyces borealis (Romell) Jülich, comb. nov. In Athelia teutoburgensis [syn.: Athelia macrospora (Bourd. & G.) M. P. Christ.] the spores show normally one nucleus, in contrast to the spores of Corticium terrestre (Kniep) Kniep with always two nuclei. Athelia subovata, spec. nov. is described from Sweden. Byssocorticium neomexicanum Gilb, et Budd. has been studied.