Taxonomic status and nomenclature of several European taxa of Hygrocybe are discussed. It is argued why some new combinations, made in a previous paper (Arnolds, 1985b) were proposed. Three new taxa are described to replace incorrect names: Hygrocybe cystidiata Arnolds (= H. obrussea sensu Kühner), H. lepida Arnolds (= H. cantharellus sensu auct.) and H. conica var. conicopalustris (R. Haller ex) Arnolds (= H. conicopalustris R. Haller, nom. inval.). Three new combinations are proposed: Hygrocybe miniata (Fr.: Fr.) Kumm. var. mollis (B. & Br.) Arnolds, H. virginea (Wulf.: Fr.) Orton & Watl. var. fuscescens (Bres.) Arnolds and H. persistens (Britz.) Sing. var. cuspidata (Peck) Arnolds. The following names are reduced to synonyms of older or sanctioned names: Hygrophorus quietus Kühner = Agaricus obrusseus Fr.: Fr.; Agaricus tristis Pers. = A. conicus Schaeff.: Fr.; Hygrocybe euroflavescens Kühner = Hygrophorus flavescens C. H. Kauffm.; Mycena acutoconica F. Clem. = Hygrophorus persistens (Britz.) Britz.; Hygrocybe aurantiolutescens P. D. Orton = Hygrophorus cuspidatus Peck; Hygrocybe pseudocuspidata Kühner = Hygrophorus cuspidatus Peck; Hygrocybe moseri M. Bon = Agaricus miniatus Fr.: Fr.; Hygrophorus strangulatus P. D. Orton = Agaricus miniatus Fr.: Fr.; Hygrophorus squamulosus Ellis & Ev. = Agaricus miniatus Fr.: Fr.; Hygrocybe vitellinoides M. Bon = Agaricus ceraceus Fr.: Fr.; Hygrocybe subceracea Murrill = Agaricus ceraceus Fr.: Fr.; Hygrophorus niveus (Fr.) Fr. = Agaricus virgineus Wulf.: Fr. Descriptive notes are given on the holotypes of Hygrocybe vitellinoides M. Bon, H. moseri M. Bon, Hygrophorus strangulatus P. D. Orton and Hygrocybe aurantiolutescens P. D. Orton. Neotypes are designated and shortly described of Agaricus miniatus Fr.: Fr., Agaricus ceraceus Fγ.: Fγ. and Agaricus obrusseus Fr.: Fr.