Van der Aa & van Kesteren (1979) redescribed a Phoma species commonly occurring on species of Chenopodium in Europe, as Phoma variospora v. d. Aa & v. Kest. After the appearance of this publication, in November 1979, descriptions of some new species of Phoma came to their attention amongst which was also Phoma variospora Shreemali (1978, issued in July 1979) based on a different fungus. According to the rules of priority Phoma variospora v. d. Aa & v. Kest. has to be renamed. The following name change is proposed: Phoma heteromorphospora v. d. Aa & v. Kest., nom. nov. Phyllosticta chenopodii Westend. in Bull. Acad. r. Belg. Cl. Sci. 11. 2: 567. 1857. Phoma variospora v. d. Aa & v. Kest. in Persoonia 10: 268. 1979. — non Phoma variospora Shreemali in Indian J. Mycol. PI. Path. 8: 221. ‘1978’ (in 1979). For further synonyms and discussion see van der Aa & van Kesteren (1979).