With this check list an attempt is made to account for the recorded European species of those Basidiomycetes that Patouillard called the “Hétérobasidies”, excluding, however, the Uredinales and Ustilaginales. Therefore, it covers the Septobasidiales, Tremellales (comprising the Auriculariineae and Tremellineae), Tulasnellaceae (Corticiaceae with repetitive basidiospores), Dacrymycetales, and Exobasidiales. Of each species admitted the synonyms at the specific level are listed as are also references to selected descriptions and illustrations. Notes on taxonomy, synonymy, and nomenclature are appended to a considerable number of entries. A final chapter not only recapitulates alphabetically the names appearing in the check list proper: it also deals briefly with such generic and specific names as are considered to be either not validly published or nomina dubia, or else have been given to taxa that must be excluded as foreign elements. New species are Glomopsis lonicerae and Tulasnella curvispora Donk. New combinations with the following generic names are proposed: Exidia (1), Exobasidiellum (1), Helicogloea (1), Myxarium (1). Saccoblastia (1), Septobasidium (1), and Tulasnella (1).