The author introduces two new genera, Mniopetalum Donk & Sing, (based on a new species, M. globisporum Donk) and Episphaeria Donk (based on Cyphella fraxinicola Berk. & Br.). Three other genera in an emended circumscription are discussed: Stigmatolemma Kalchbr., Phaeosolenia Speg., and Cyphellopsis Donk. Rhodocyphella W. Cooke is reduced to the synonymy of Stigmatolemma; and Maireina (Pilát) W. Cooke, to the rank of a section of Cyphellopsis, which is tentatively considered to consist of a single complex species for which the name Cyphella monacha Speg. apud Roum. is temporarily used. New combinations are made in Mniopetalum (1), Episphaeria (1), Stigmatolemma (3), Phaeosolenia (2). Most of these names are used (but not validly published) in a recent work of Singer where also the genera mentioned above are described and discussed.