These two volumes in which Hebeloma s.l. and the viscid species of Cortinarius s.l. are treated, are part of a work on higher fungi (with emphasis on Agaricales s.l.) of the northern hemisphere, planned in 24 volumes. Volume three contains an introductory text of about 50 pages on technics, terminology, classification schemes, etc., followed by about 80 pages with tabulated keys to the species of the many genera into which the classical genera Hebeloma and Cortinarius are subdivided and very brief descriptions of the illustrated species of ‘Hebeloma’. The descriptions of the Cortinarius’ species will follow in volume five. Microscopic characters are hardly used in the keys and only very briefly mentioned in the descriptions. A few pages are added with Latin diagnoses of ‘Hebeloma’ and Cortinarius’ species in Fries’s ‘Hymenomycetes europaei’.