This long awaited manual gives cultural descriptions of 223 specific and infra-specific taxa of Phoma (Coelomycetes). Fungi of this genus are common, but have always been difficult to identify. But now this book will make identification easier. It provides line drawings and keys for the identification of common pathogenic and saprotrophic species of Phoma in vitro, with references to additional diagnostic literature, representative cultures and documentation of the numerous synonyms (1,146 in total) formerly used in the mycological and phytopathological literature. Part of the book has been published before in the series ‘Contributions towards a monograph of Phoma’, also partly in Persoonia. Most of the Phoma-species in this book are widespread in western Europe, but they are often also recorded elsewhere in the world. The book starts with an introduction of 7 pages, the nomenclator of the genus and its sections of 3 pages, an overview of the generic characters of 2 pages, an overview of the methods used for identification (5 pages). A key to the sections based on characters in vitro takes 2 pages, and notes on adjacent genera 6 pages. The rest of the book is composed of the 9 sections which are distinguished in Phoma. Per section a description and notes are given, followed by a key to the species, a list of hosts of the species. Per species the teleomorph and synonyms are given, together with a full description in vitro. Notes on ecology and distribution complete the description.